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Growing up on a few acres of property in Florida, we always had pets (indoor and outdoor).  I always took a special interest in their well-being and behavior. 


As a mere pre-teen, by pure happenstance, I was able to learn basic English horseback riding in exchange for mucking stalls and grooming horses who needed it.


Throughout my 20s, my experience flourished by helping family, friends, friends-of-friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  I've visited, walked, and fostered different species of animal:


dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, birds, bearded dragons, turtles, chickens, pigs, and a couple of horses.


Having my full-time career in the world of insurance, tending to others' pets on the side gave me happiness.


While going back to college, I worked as a Nurse's Aide receiving high marks for compassion and dedication, and as a dog bather for a stint of time.


Currently, working on obtaining an Animal Psychology Certifications, as well as a Pet First-Aid Certification, I fully intend to continue learning all that I can, including what words cannot teach.

They make us laugh, intrigue us, and even grant us a bit of "therapy". 


Connecting with them and assisting them to thrive in the most natural and instinctive sense to them is my passion.


Becoming a Professional Pet Care Service Provider just in Fall of 2016 is simply the next step in my journey.


Influences: Cesar Millan, Steve and Terri Irwin, My Grandpa Reynolds (RIP)

Chicago, IL 60642, USA
815 - 314 - 4962

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