Pet Care


Teeth Brushing

Doggy dentures aren’t a thing, so keeping your pooch’s teeth clean and gums healthy is vital for their overall health and well-being.  

Did you know- tooth brushing is the single most effective way to prevent dental disease? Dental treats and chewing aids may also help reduce plaque buildup, but they should be used as a compliment, not a replacement, for the toothbrush.

TSN can perform a brushing in addition to your dog's daily walking with us.

Have us clean your pup’s teeth after his/her walk for only $3.00!


Ear Cleaning

TSN can gently clean your pet’s ears using a highly recommended natural ear cleaning solution- 1 part white or apple cider vinegar to 1 part of distilled water, cotton ball and positivity.

This solution works wonders on chronic yeast or bacterial infections in their ears.

An ear cleaning for a dog or cat once per week after a routine walk or visit.

Have TSN clean your dog or cat’s ears after his/her visit for only $3.00!


Urban Bootie Rental

There’s no doubt that dogs have tough feet – much tougher than yours.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t wise, even occasionally necessary, to give your pooch’s paws some protection. 

Hot asphalt, broken glass, and rain are just a few urban environmental elements that can be found around the busy city.

Ruff & Tuff rubber dog booties are a great way to help protect your pooch's paws!
The Velcro strap wraps around your dog's leg, providing a snug fit.

Rent a pair for your dog’s walk for only $1.00!


10-Min De-Shed Brushing

Did you know- brushing helps the hair in its renewal process avoiding skin irritation and allergens?

Also, while you cannot stop a healthy dog/cat from normal shedding, you can reduce the amount of hair in your home by brushing regularly.

Let TSN spend 10 minutes de-shedding your dog or cat after your next walk or visit for only $10.00.

Helpful Information 

How Do I Maintain My Dog’s Coat?

 If you’ve noticed that your dog’s coat doesn’t seem like a healthy, shiny coat, don’t worry. There are 10 ways to turn a dull, dog coat into a sleek, shiny, healthy coat.

Sometimes a dull dog coat can be the signs of skin issues. If your dog seems to be scratching a lot or losing more hair than normal, speak with your vet to see if they need special treatment. Your dog may have allergies or something else.

Otherwise, here’s how to ensure your dog has a healthy coat...

Click the link below to read this informative article


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